Modern Metal Solutions Adds Modern Flair and Function to Award-Winning Property Featured in Dwell Magazine

September 14, 2020

Located on the rocky shores of Rockport, MA, the Gap Cove House is a relatively small, but highly functional, modern redesign of a 10-year old prefab home. The complete revisioning of the home includes elevating the entire structure onto concrete piers that not only protect the home from rising tides and storm surges, but create new “found” space under its main living area. It’s here that Modern Metal Solutions created a one-of-kind, built-in, 16-foot wood and steel dining table that’s securely anchored to the floor.

In addition to the custom furniture set, the Modern Metal Solutions team also created custom rails and staircases for both the interior and exterior of the property. The bright, white interior staircase and rails feature a unique, perforated design that allow sunlight to filter through. The outside stair and rails were designed to be low-maintenance, and to patina over time. They perfectly fit the dark and rugged exterior which was designed to mirror the surrounding landscape.

“This project was a pleasure to be a part of as it allowed us to showcase different metal treatments and designs all in one property,” says Chris Aubrey, Owner and Founder of Modern Metal Solutions. “I love the stark contrast of the interior and exterior elements.”

In addition to coverage in Dwell Magazine, Dezeen and North Shore Home, the Gap Cove House also received multiple awards, including: 2017 Design Award from the New England Region of the American Institute of Architects, 2018 AZ Award of Merit for Environmental Leadership, 2019 Boston Society of Architects Housing Design and Accessible Design Awards, and 2019 North American Copper in Architecture Award.

Details about the company’s work on this project can be found in this featured project case study.