June 12, 2014

Custom architectural metal is often where the creative genius of a building’s design really shines. Just lookCapturestair around and you’ll see that most of the more striking buildings use metal accents for beauty and permanence.

There are complexities in fabricating customized metal building components like ornamental stairs, rails, arches and other custom shaped structures. This fact can sometimes deter architects and construction managers from including ornamental or custom fabricated metal to strengthen and beautify their building designs. The manufacturing and installation of architectural metal adds perceived complexity and additional cost to the construction process. That perception leads some architects to compromise on the uniqueness of their designs.

We know of architects who would have liked to use custom fabricated metal but shied away from it because they didn’t have enough understanding of the manufacturing feasibility. In fact, we’re noticing that some architects are doing less with metal because of difficult past experiences or not enough experience in their portfolio.

The answer is yes, it can be done.

If metal accents or highly specialized architectural fabrications are called for in a project, there should be nothing stopping the architect from pursuing his or her creative vision for the building. However, it calls for a different approach. It calls for experience in fabrication beyond using a torch and welder. Someone with laser cutting, machining and high tolerance fabrication experience should oversee the successful manufacturing and installation of custom metal work.

CapturestairleftA metal detailing specialist enables the best building designs to move forward, meeting both construction ideals and budget demands. The experienced metal detailer can support architects and engineering teams to assure that the building they’re envisioning is constructed successfully and functions exactly as intended.

As more metal is incorporated into the design elements of a project, experienced specialists in architectural metals are required for successful engineering and construction. Working with an architectural metals consultant gives the design team a huge competitive advantage over the team that relies on industry-standard structural and miscellaneous metals. It’s the difference of presenting a cookie-cutter commercially acceptable building design to one of distinction and class.

Show us an owner or developer who prefers sameness over individual distinction in his architecture and we’ll show you one who signs tenants paying a premium for his distinctive first class space! There is your competitive advantage in using metal to accent and make permanent your masterpiece design.

There is always the choice of going with standard commercial wall panels, stairwells, and mass produced building materials… or going custom. Sometimes budgets restrict how customized you can go but if you consult with a metals expert first, you may find that you can make the extra beauty and distinction of your best designs into a reality.

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Image source: http://www.skaengineers.com