What We Bring to the Table…


1) Design Consulting

From the very beginning of your project, Modern Metal Solutions is there to answer your questions. From the seemingly simplest designs to extremely unique or complex metal installations, our team of multi-talented metalworking professionals will work with you to make your design a functional reality.

2) Modeling, Drafting and Detailing

Modern Metal Solutions is widely known for the quality of its 3D models, architectural details and precision shop drawings. Calling upon years of wide-ranging expertise, our team is able to identify potential project pitfalls and, more importantly, solutions that enable the fabrication of your design in a beautiful, functional and lasting form.

3) Project Management

With a broad-based background in all aspects of metal design, fabrication and installation, no one is better suited to oversee all aspects of your metalwork project. From choosing the right materials to scheduling and budget, Modern Metal Solutions brings a uniquely holistic and educated perspective to your project that other fabricators do not.

4) Fabrication

Our multi-talented, in-house fabrication team produces creative and quality results like no other. A very talented group of fabricators hailing from both artistic and mechanical backgrounds, every member of our team is dedicated to producing quality work regardless of the hours required. Collaboration amongst our metal detailing and design consulting specialists, skilled fabricators and installers assures consistently excellent results delivered in a timely fashion.

5) Finishing

Our extensive knowledge of metal finishing techniques combined with our network of expert finishing professionals, ensures the applications of the appropriate finishing technique to achieve the look that you desire. From powder coating, paint, galvanizing and more, we understand how different metals need to be treated to achieve the desired finished look as well as corrosion prevention and functionality for the life of your installation.

6) Installation

Installation is the final component to a metal masterpiece and our team will settle for nothing less than perfection! Our installation team has years of experience working with custom architectural metals and, as your project manager, we can assure you a seamless experience from start to finish! Our attention to detail on site is held to the same high standard as our in-shop work. Our installers are patient and committed to providing a quality install, while always showing respect to the job site from beginning to end.