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Design through finished installation is what Modern Metal Solutions (MMS) specializes in. MMS makes sure that metals fit and work the way they are designed in customized structures like luxury residences, commercial buildings and many industrial applications. MMS understands everything about metal from the metallurgy and engineering perspectives, all the way to practical design, fabrication and installation of custom-designed metal components.

We fill a niche that the construction industry has always needed; a single company can handle all of the architectural metal work on any construction project. We consult with architects and construction engineers on manufacturing feasibility and efficiency. We provide shop details and work with our fabricators to ensure successful fabrication and installation of custom components, structures and large metal assemblies.

Design Consulting

Architects and builders have a go-to partner in manufacturing feasibility and efficiency consulting. When questions arise concerning extremely unique or complex metals installations, MMS is the company to call for the answers.

Project Management

Providing turnkey architectural metal services to architects and builders is often the “secret ingredient” behind metals projects that are implemented according to budget and schedule.

Modeling, Drafting and Detailing

MMS provides 3-D models, architectural details and precision shop drawings to inform fabricators, finishers and installers of precise machining, fabricating, finishing and installation instruction.


Powder coating, paint, and galvanizing… MMS understands how different metals need to be treated for their desired finished look as well as corrosion prevention requirements.


Thanks largely to our in-house fabrication team, MMS clients keep their architectural metals on the fast track, avoiding potential bottlenecks in construction progress. Our metal detailing and design consulting specialists collaborate with our skilled fabricators and installers to assure that our clients enjoy the excellent results of a well-planned and executed project.


Installation is the final component to a metal masterpiece! Our installation team has years of experience working with custom architectural metals. As your project manager, we can assure you, our installation team will have everything needed to install your custom metal work right – the first time!

Whether you need a fully integrated approach to a major project or focused assistance in any of the services listed above, please contact us today at 603-402-3022.