Moving Your Project Forward No Matter the Obstacles — Solutions for Your COVID-19 Construction Challenges

September 14, 2020
Metal Fabrication Process

Modern Metal Solutions was founded on the principles of foresight in planning, accuracy of details and clear communication. Now, more than ever, this foundation serves the needs of you, our client, in ways we could never have envisioned. As part of your project team, we are here to help you get your momentum back and keep your foot on the gas.

Changing construction and business restrictions have drastically changed the way we all work, but they have not changed our commitment to quality and attention to detail. We’ve always been problem-solvers for our clients, and even in this world of uncertainty, that fact remains a constant.

As you continue with existing projects, or plan for future ones, around your COVID-19 operating procedures know that our team is ready to accommodate. We know that allowing onsite crews to be productive is vital to moving projects forward, so we’re here to help with solutions like:

  • On-site field measuring on weekends
  • Late afternoon coordination meetings both on and off site or virtual
  • Installation options in multiple mobilizations or on weekends if needed
  • Coordination with other trades as needed
  • Planning assistance for phasing of future projects

Modern Metal Solutions is your single source for successfully handling the toughest metal fabrication projects. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss how we can help your organization see success through the current challenges.