Modern Metal Solutions Featured in Architectural Digest AD100 Issue

September 14, 2020

When a prominent art collector commissions a property, it becomes more than a home, it must be a work of art unto itself. The 16,0000 square foot modern design by Peter Pennoyer Architects, more than lives up to that task and is why it was recently featured in the prestigious Architectural Digest AD100 Issue. Dedicated to showcasing the top names in interior decoration, architecture, and landscape design, the issue singles out the Ohio property, commissioned by a renown art collector and filled with complex and unique metal designs crafted and installed by Modern Metal Solutions.

With an overall style reminiscent of the somewhat obscure and little-defined Czech Cubist movement, the design of this unique home is marked with sharp points, slicing planes, and crystalline shapes, elements that presented multiple challenges when being replicated in the numerous metal designs featured throughout the property.

“It’s not every day you get the opportunity to work on a world class project such as this and be able to carry the vision throughout the entire property,” comments Chris Aubrey, Owner and Founder of Modern Metal Solutions. “Overall we found the challenges presented by this project to be highly satisfying on a professional level as they allowed us to leverage both our creativity and modern fabrication techniques to achieve some outstanding results.”

From the highly ornate railing of the main hall staircase and main entrance doors to multiple exterior elements and even a custom light fixture, MMS was able to translate each design concept into an artistic creation that kept with the designer’s original vision while still being a fully functional part of the home.

“Designers have a vision of their final product and we make it functional. That’s our job and we love the challenge,” Aubrey continues. “Diving into the details of a complex project like this and finding solutions that bring a designer’s vision to life is my favorite part of a job.”

Details about this project can be found in this featured project case study.