April 27, 2016


Attention to detail is more than something you strive for. It’s a quality characteristic that’s required for your projects to earn notoriety. Detailing to the most granular level makes all the difference in carrying out successful architectural metals projects.

What exactly do we mean by “detailing?”

People who take exceptional care of their cars can easily relate “detailing” to mean car cleaning that involves virtually every square millimeter of the vehicle. In architecture you can look at it this way: The detailer’s product is detail drawings. Detailing is simply the practice of drafting drawings to show smaller parts of the construction at a larger scale, and exactly how component parts fit together.

residential-architectural-metalsPrecise architectural detailing assures that highly customized building components fit and function with structural integrity. Precision detailing also enables metals to be manufactured not only to specification, but according to the architect’s vision, then installed at the site flawlessly.

Unfortunately, in the fabrication and construction businesses there is sometimes an attempt to “save money” on the crucial detailing step, either shopping it to low-cost rudimentary providers or even foregoing it altogether. The results are often very costly and there’s no need to go into the messy details of the metals projects we’ve been called in to fix after rejections and de-installations.

Know you’ll get it right!

The next series of images tell a visual story of how a particularly challenging set of feature stairs on the 54th floor of a Boston Skyscraper were designed, detailed and then installed flawlessly on site according to specifications…






Commercial and residential projects both have their design-implementation challenges. Luxury home owners are offering architects some amazing high end residential design opportunities these days. A metals consultant with a well-staffed, full service detailing department is the best friend of designers, engineers and builders with complex architectural metals projects.

A highly professionalized detailing department can identify potential problems and solve them before they hit the job site so there’s no issues to bother the owner with. Complex stairs, railings and other building components install smoothly – and elegantly!


Detailing is never an area to cut back on in order to trim costs or stay within a budget. Fabricating and installing architectural metals without properly detailed shop drawings is like trying to play complex, unfamiliar music on the piano with no sheet music. It just doesn’t work and shouldn’t be attempted.

Architecture is an art form that, to be appreciated, shows its elegance in precision implementation. Detailing is the crucial step you need in the architectural process to assure that your projects are elegantly executed.