June 7, 2013

02Rogers1Encountering the same problems repeatedly is a good reason to change “the way it’s always been done.” Mr. Christopher Aubrey (Chris), one of the best metalwork drafting detailers in the country, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for his company, Modern Metal Solutions, LLC (MMS). Please take a look at this beautiful new site: www.modern-metal-solutions.com. Chris is also pleased to report rapid growth since the initiation of MMS in early 2012.

Perhaps you already know Chris Aubrey or have heard of him. He worked for many years as a precision draftsman and detailer on some of the most challenging architectural metal projects throughout the country. He was often the only person who could accurately answer technical and practical questions regarding metal fabrications and installations on numerous construction projects. He witnessed many costly errors made on job sites and in fabrication shops because nobody took the time to communicate clearly or ask questions when needed. This lack of communication and coordination between architects, fabricators, construction project managers and installation crews was always the cause of expensive errors in the metal work.

Advancing the Structural Arts

Chris assembled an elite team of industry professionals who can expertly handle the most challenging aspects of architectural and ornamental metals. Through a strategic businessMMS Eliptical stairs alliance, MMS has become an architectural arm of GMFCo, one of the most diversified custom metal fabricators in the United States.

Modern Metal Solutions solves the problems inherent in coordinating highly customized architectural metal structures. We deploy a methodology for design-drafting-fabrication-installation of architectural metals, stairs and ornaments that is revolutionizing the way architects and construction teams work together. We seamlessly integrate metal from the design concept all the way to installation. We consult expertly at every step of the process and help our clients avoid devastating mistakes that can require very expensive repairs or even rebuilding entire sections. With Modern Metal Solutions on your team, the metal work will always run smoothly. The finished quality will be flawless.

Visit the Experts – in Person or Online

We’re very excited by the occasion of launching our new website! Why? Because it provides a 05Smith Center-02new and informative place on the Internet for Architects, Builders, Project Managers and Chief Estimators to learn about metal fabrication and installation best practices. It’s also the place where these professionals will discover a helpful resource for successfully implementing the complex and difficult metal work in their construction projects.

Welcome to our new website! We’d like to hear your comments and suggestions. You can keep checking our blog to learn some of the latest developments in our industry and at our company. Feel free to join the conversation and leave a comment. Your input is important and can help make this website and our blog an even better resource for the architectural metals and construction industries.