December 5, 2015


One of the trends in kitchen design and remodeling for upscale homeowners is to go commercial grade.

The enduring “chefs-as-celebrities” phenomenon probably has a lot to do with the trend in major kitchen upgrades in new homes and remodel projects. People see those beautiful new custom commercial kitchens on the set and say, “I’d like one of those!”

What do you notice when you walk into a professional chef’s kitchen? Lots of metal! Stainless steel is just about everywhere you look. Functional cast iron, copper and bronze fixtures or components are usually present and visually appealing in the upscale “chef’s kitchen.” The kitchen is generally the busiest work area of the home, especially if you love to cook and eat. For those who really love to cook, it makes sense to invest in a customized “hard working” kitchen. Just think of the beautiful custom metal work possibilities:

  • Custom draft hoods
  • Custom crafted grill assemblies
  • Shelving and rails
  • Food prep areas
  • Custom sinks and plumbing
  • Lighting fixtures


Fully custom fabrications require metal experts well attuned to architecture.

To offer clients highly customized, one-of-a-kind kitchen metal fabrications in your designs, it makes sense to talk with with an architectural metals consultant. It helps when the consultant has a track record of handling extremely unique requests with stunning results – on the very first try. It’s the metal that can sometimes stump even the most skilled builders when it comes to installing the really difficult custom fabrications. However, the creative kitchen design possibilities are endless with an understanding of modern metal formation techniques.