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Enabling Architectural Creativity Behind the Scenes

An idea leads to a concept which leads to a design which leads to a physical reality… or not. Some of the most interesting and creative architectural design ideas are never implemented because they are not feasible with currently available technology or they are not economically practical. But we’d like to focus on one of… Read More »

Tackling the Most Difficult Architectural Metals

To whom do you turn when it’s never been done before? Envision a metallic sculpture gracing the 3-story lobby of your client’s next signature building. A feature staircase winds its way up to, not one, but 3 mezzanine areas overlooking the main entrance with the sculpture centering the grand space. The complexities of building such… Read More »

Accenting with Metal

By Marcy Marro This guest post was originally published in the June, 2013 Metal Home Digest – Metal Architecture In today’s homes, metal isn’t just reserved for stainless steel appliances and lighting fixtures. Now, metal can be found anywhere from the kitchen backsplash to the fireplace, metal ceilings, staircase railings and kitchen countertops. With the… Read More »

Strategic Alliance Improves Architectural Metals Construction

Modern Metal Solutions (MMS) and Gilchrist Metal Fabricating Company (GMFCo) have joined forces to provide architects, construction managers, builders and owners a more efficient method of integrating high quality custom metal fabrications into their projects. Feature stairs, stainless steel windows and custom aesthetic metal fabrications are some of the more difficult components for builders to… Read More »

Defining Architectural Metals Best Practices

Encountering the same problems repeatedly is a good reason to change “the way it’s always been done.” Mr. Christopher Aubrey (Chris), one of the best metalwork drafting detailers in the country, is pleased to announce the launch of a new website for his company, Modern Metal Solutions, LLC (MMS). Please take a look at this… Read More »