Designing Stairs that Get Stares

Photo by Macaluso Designs, Inc. – Browse traditional staircase ideas   Enter just about any custom-built luxury home and it’s likely that the first structural element to catch your eye will be a set of elegant stairs angling or winding up to the second floor and perhaps higher. Our eyes will tend to focus on… Read More »

Metal Surface Finishing Techniques

Know your finishing options for the lasting results you want. Raw metal surfaces offer various visual appearances and textures, not all of them desirable. When exposed to the elements, even dry air, most metals change in appearance. If the air is very humid and surfaces are exposed to moisture, some metals will corrode, especially the… Read More »

Networking is Crucial to AEC Industry Success

Every business foundation is built with relationships.   We need to give credit where due for a great quote that defines the AEC Industry and sums up why effective networking is extremely important for AEC firms: “The architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry consists of separate players who work together to bring a project to… Read More »

Detailing makes leading edge designs work

Attention to detail is more than something you strive for. It’s a quality characteristic that’s required for your projects to earn notoriety. Detailing to the most granular level makes all the difference in carrying out successful architectural metals projects. What exactly do we mean by “detailing?” People who take exceptional care of their cars can… Read More »

Structures, Textures & Accents with Metal

Glass, wood and stone integrate with metal for beautiful architectural results! The term “miscellaneous metals” in the world of architecture can refer to just about anything that isn’t classified as structural steel; things like stairs, rails, bollards, custom enclosures and various architectural and ornamental metal components. Spaces by Hudson Staircases & Railings Modern Metal Solutions… Read More »

Commercial Kitchen Designs for Chefs at Home

Industrial Kitchen by Silver Spring Architects & Building Designers Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Inc.   One of the trends in kitchen design and remodeling for upscale homeowners is to go commercial grade. The enduring “chefs-as-celebrities” phenomenon probably has a lot to do with the trend in major kitchen upgrades in new homes and remodel projects.… Read More »

Paid to Build or Paid to Learn?

There’s an old saying that some engineers like to use: “If it can be drawn, it can be made.” But for the imagination, what’s there to limit what can be drawn? This notion challenges manufacturers and builders to figure out seemingly impossible fabrication and installation feats to satisfy the ambitious goals of owners and architects.… Read More »

Tackling the Most Difficult Architectural Metals

To whom do you turn when it’s never been done before? Envision a metallic sculpture gracing the 3-story lobby of your client’s next signature building. A feature staircase winds its way up to, not one, but 3 mezzanine areas overlooking the main entrance with the sculpture centering the grand space. The complexities of building such… Read More »

Design it so they can build it.

Applying the Principle of Design for Manufacturability (DFM) to Architecture The “constructability” of an architectural design is of foremost concern for owners, architects and construction teams as they collaborate on projects. Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is an industrial principle that assures product designs meet economically achievable material qualities and dimensional tolerances using existing manufacturing capabilities.… Read More »