Understanding Steel is Worth its Weight in Gold

It has been said that “A bar of iron costs around $5. Made into horseshoes it’s worth is $12, made into needles its worth is $3,500, made into balance springs for watches, it’s worth is $300,000.” The value of steel to humankind over the millennia has been immense. As its raw material (iron ore) is… Read More »

Metal Fabrication Estimating – The Crucial Considerations

If you want ‘museum quality,’ you need a realistic estimate. Thoroughness in details and clear communication are the watchwords in architectural metal fabrication. That’s why we constantly invite architects and designers to contact us with their metals questions. The more complex your project, the more pressing it is to consult specialists who know exactly what… Read More »

Barrier-Free Designs without the “Clinical” Look

Many new homes and commercial buildings need to meet ADA standards and accommodate people with mobility challenges as well as those who plan to live independently well into their senior years. Barrier-free Design, also called Universal Design and “inclusive design,” provides a comfortable environment for everyone while including additional accommodations for wheelchairs and other mobility… Read More »

Floating Stairs Amaze by Visually Defying Physics

Taking the “wow factor” up a few steps… Some building projects call for that certain “wow factor” and floating stairs deliver it! We found some fascinating designs to share from homedit and offer some important considerations for architects and builders with floating stairs in their plans. (Image source: http://www.homedit.com) Why Consider Floating Stairs? Feature staircases have always… Read More »

Historic Metal Restorations Using Modern Fabrication Technologies

How do you reproduce authentic old-world craftsmanship using modern tools? In a word, readily. But let us qualify this claim by adding the assumption that the original subject matter can be seen and evaluated in detail. Perhaps the original structure was moved, damaged or destroyed. All that exists for reference is an old photograph. Digital… Read More »

Enabling Architectural Creativity Behind the Scenes

An idea leads to a concept which leads to a design which leads to a physical reality… or not. Some of the most interesting and creative architectural design ideas are never implemented because they are not feasible with currently available technology or they are not economically practical. But we’d like to focus on one of… Read More »

Elegant Joinery Shows the Master’s Touch

From scattered and unrelated parts come a single magnificent architectural work. Buildings are comprised of many separate things – woods, metals, ceramics, stone, glass and even plastics. Functionality, fit and finish are the qualities we look for in the craftsman’s art of joinery. All beautiful buildings have in common elegant, tight-fitting and often seamless transformations… Read More »

Stainless Steel Does “Rust” – Sometimes!

One of the common misconceptions about stainless steel is that it does not corrode when exposed to water or the elements – that it’s rustproof. The term “rustproof” as commonly used implies that the metal can be safely and effectively applied in wet, damp or otherwise harsh environments without risk of corrosion or long-term integrity… Read More »

Bronze: recreating the best of the past in modern architecture

Build fast or build to last? “That is the question!” It’s visual, tactile, audible and olfactory. It’s weighty and timeless. It’s the total sensory difference between classic building craftsmanship and fast, efficient new construction. You experience this difference every time you enter an old post office, courthouse, or classical office building in an older section… Read More »

Architectural Design Increases Real Estate Value

As you drive through the nicest neighborhoods, what tends to get your attention? Perhaps it’s the landscape architecture, gardens and plantings. This is probably followed by shiny and interesting structural elements unique to each custom-built home. The architecture of luxury “estate” properties exudes the aura of stateliness and permanence and singularity, largely determined by unique design… Read More »