Art Meets Function: Celebrating 10 Years of Railings

April 4, 2022

While railings are essentially a required safety feature in most instances, they’ve come a long way from being strictly utilitarian. And while some might think a railing is just that, we’ve created many in the past decade that challenge that notion. Here are some examples of railings that have gone way beyond functional to being true design elements, if not works of art unto themselves.


More often than not, our exterior railings are constructed of powder-coated stainless steel. It’s strong and durable, and allows us to do less welding than we would using galvanized. This railing added to a stone wall surrounding the pool house patio, is an excellent example of the clean lines and finish we can deliver using stainless steel. The custom color finish was chosen to pick up on the colors of the home’s copper roof and metal window trim.

One of our rare galvanized steel projects, we used the material for the exterior work because it stands up better to the salty ocean air. Part of a larger project, the simple porch railing fits nicely with the overall design of the house and echoes the same materials used in the woven mesh rails of the exterior stair. The interior of this home features unique railings constructed of custom perforated steel panels that create a unique bubble effect when light shines through them. 

These railings also feature a woven, wire mesh infill, but are constructed of black, powder-coated steel. They lend an industrial air to the design of this staircase that provides access to a loft.  

While the look and feel of this railing design was paramount in the renovation of this historic, luxury condo residence, durability and stability were also essential. To create the seamless look of these rails, we worked closely with the stone mason, embedding sturdy base plates under the marble stair treads. This provided both the clean look the architect intended while still ensuring that the railings were rugged enough to endure the frequent traffic of a public entryway. 

Another of our more unique designs, these custom brass railing are based off of an original design inspired by an existing ceiling fixture in the home. Constructed entirely of brass, greater care was needed to shape, finish and install this unique piece which was fastened and joined without welding to create the smooth, polished finish the owner desired. 

Working with brass can be challenging. The softer, more delicate metal is typically extruded and prone to dents and scratches that are difficult, if not impossible, to repair if one doesn’t take care during fabrication. This extensive, curved railing required a great deal of skill and care to form the many curves of this multi-story railing. Featuring powder-coated black steel spindles, this railing required all mechanical fastenings to join the different metals. 

Filled with intricate scrollwork connected with clean lines, these ornamental railings add a classic element and traditional feel that meld beautifully with the modern updates of this chic boutique office space. Because of the complexity of these rails, design of the underlying staircase structure was done around and in support of the railing.

A true example of functional art and design, the intricate railings found throughout this expansive estate are excellent examples of how a functional element can be elevated to art.  Originally contracted to create the steel railing for the main staircase, a highly detailed work marked by unique level and sloping diamonds and a multi-step finishing process, the scope quickly grew to include many other metal elements, including several, equally intricate railings. 

Railings offer us some unique challenges and opportunities to contribute to the design of a property. These are just a sampling of some of the more unique railings projects we’ve completed over the past decade. To see more examples of our work, please view our Project Profiles, Gallery, or call us for a consultation.