Modern Metal Solutions was founded on the principles of foresight in planning, accuracy of details and clear communication. Chris Aubrey founded Modern Metal Solutions in 2012 after 25 years of hands on experience working with Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Fabricators and Installers. Chris’s work in drafting and detailing was often the nexus where miscellaneous and architectural metal projects came to successful fruition.

Understanding all of the intricacies of design, fabrication and installation, Chris became the go-to source whenever questions would arise on the job. He noticed that when project managers took shortcuts or contractors failed to follow detailing instructions properly, costly fabrication and installation mistakes were made in the metal work. In almost every case, there was a lack of or a gap in communications.

Chris decided to form Modern Metal Solutions (MMS) when he realized the best way to handle any metal project is to have a single point of contact managing and directing every facet of the work. He formed a network of elite industry professionals who expertly handle the most challenging aspects of architectural and ornamental metals.

MMS brings solutions to potential problems, can solve metal issues swiftly, and keeps manufacturing and production moving in a coordinated fashion. The cost savings realized from the combined efficiency in communication and coordination can be a tremendous advantage for MMS clients.

We’ve helped manage, manufacture and install everything from the most elegant commercial and residential stairs throughout Northeastern cities to unique custom stainless steel door frames for a private home in Aspen, Colorado and elegantly sophisticated elliptical stairs for a luxury Lake Tahoe residence. In fact, we’ve developed a niche specialty in custom residential architectural metals.

MMS is the single source for successfully handling the toughest metal fabrication projects – end to end.

Feel free to contact Chris Aubrey if you have any questions about Modern Metal Solutions or need help with your next metals project. (603) 402-3022