A Full Service Approach With Interior Design

June 15, 2022

While many of our larger projects involve new construction or full property renovations where the majority of the work is driven by builders and architects, we have a growing demand for concept-driven projects from interior designers. 

Interior designers require a different set of skills and considerations that not necessarily all metal fabricators are comfortable with or want to take on. At Modern Metal Solutions, we welcome the challenge and appreciate the opportunity to collaborate on what tend to be some of our more unique projects. 


An Expert Partner In Design Conception

Unlike construction-based projects where we’re typically presented with blueprints and drawings created by an architect or builder, interior designers tend to come to us at the concept stage of their project.

“When I meet with a designer, our conversations usually start over a set of images or concepts rather than fully formed plans,” says Chris Aubrey, owner and founder of Modern Metal Solutions. “Designers work with us to help flesh out their ideas and develop a solid plan to bring them into functional reality.” 

“These conversations can oftentimes be involved and very different from those that we have with architects,” Chris continues. “I’ve found that many architects like to design the functionality as well as the look of a piece, while designers more often come to me with an overall image in mind and rely on my designs and our team’s direction to make it functional.”

“Because of the many different projects we’ve completed combined with our broad expertise in all aspects of metalcraft and project management, we’re able to provide the kind of support to successfully take a designer’s idea from this concept stage right through to production and installation. We’re able to support them throughout the entire project.” 


High-End, One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Regardless of the initial input designers are providing, one thing that is consistent is the clients’ demands —consistent, high-end results.

“Designers come to us because they need a piece that they can’t find ready-made. Oftentimes, they seek to match existing pieces in a home or to create a one-of-a-kind statement piece that the homeowners can feel confident will be unique to their property,” adds Chris.

While builders tend to commission larger, structural items like staircases and rails, designers often seek furniture and fixture items.

“We find ourselves producing pieces like desks, table legs, countertops and bookshelves. Light fixtures, towel bars, drawer pulls and even custom switch plates are also very popular when it comes to tying together the details of a room,” says Chris. “One of the most popular items of late has been interior glass and metal doors.” 

“Designers are finding that the materials and finishes they’re looking for, like stainless steel, brass, and blackened steel can be hard to find, and you just can’t achieve the same level of refinement in mass-produced, off-the-shelf pieces that we can create with our custom pieces. Designers want a flawless finish, we deliver that,” Chris continues. 


Full Service Support From Beginning to End

The background, expertise and creativity of the Modern Metal Solutions team is expansive. This provides great value to interior designers not only in vetting and developing their concepts, but in knowing that they have reliable expertise at their fingertips throughout the entire project. 

“At Modern Metal Solutions, we don’t just bend metal. Designers who work with us feel confident that their final designs will not only be functional, but will also have a high end, unique look, be installed properly and with care. That’s because, with our team, designers get access to a whole range of services from design and fabrication to project management and installation. We do it all, and we do it really well,” concludes Chris. 

Do you have a design concept or upcoming project that requires metal work? Contact us today to discuss your project.