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Structures, Textures & Accents with Metal

Glass, wood and stone integrate with metal for beautiful architectural results!


The term “miscellaneous metals” in the world of architecture can refer to just about anything that isn’t classified as structural steel; things like stairs, rails, bollards, custom enclosures and various architectural and ornamental metal components.


The word miscellaneous can be misleading in some ways because these building components are really unique custom features. They are often one-of-a-kind works of design elegance, custom fitted and manufactured for only one structure.

Some of the most beautiful miscellaneous metals features include the carefully planned integration of other materials such as wood, glass, ceramics and stone. The designer who understands how different building materials complement each other in texture and appearance also needs to know how to fabricate and then clamp, bolt, tie, laminate or otherwise adhere these materials together with both aesthetic and structural integrity.

boston feature stair 54th floor


Custom designed integration of miscellaneous metals with natural and synthetic materials that enhance visual appeal is what often separates the truly inspired architecture from the common. The ability to easily incorporate those difficult custom metal, wood, glass and stone elements gives the architect and builder a competitive advantage in the high end residential market.


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