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When you hit the hard stuff, there’s no need to stagger and fall!

Please let us explain…

Precision quality metal fabrication is the domain of clear headed specialists who know how to assure a profitable outcome on the toughest metal projects. What we’re talking about here is the really hard stuff  that requires top industry experts to get the job done right.

MMS Eliptical stairsWhether it’s architectural, industrial or artistic-ornamental work, taking a chance on a less expensive shop, eager to cut its teeth on new challenges, is just too risky! We’ve seen it cost owners, contractors and fabricators tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs, rework and de-installations. Add potential legal costs on top of all that and you can easily see why attempting to go cheap on precision engineered parts and custom assemblies is just not an option in this profession.

In custom metal fabrications there are many levels of quality. They range from poor to commercially acceptable to precision.  Precision quality is what separates the trained professionals from the amateurs in metal work.

Manufacturing a part or structure to exact engineering specifications requires a complete set of shop drawings, no exceptions!  The draftsmen who prepare these precise, instructional drawings are called detailers and for good reason.

For any component to fit and function properly it must be expertly created in fine detail at conception, at engineering & design and at the manufacturing stage – creating the physical product with all of the cumulative value for the end user. Proper engineering drawings assure that fabrications are buildable and workable for their intended purposes. Mistakes can occur in any phase of design, engineering and manufacturing. Experienced metallurgists, engineers and technicians can foresee and avoid such mistakes and make certain that clients are happy with the finished work.

Clear lines of communication cannot be broken.

We’ve seen some of the most expensive yet easily avoidable mistakes occur with the excuse being that the project manager “had to get the job started …” or “had to keep the guys working…” or “didn’t have time to stop and make calls…” These kinds of excuses result in big losses from otherwise lucrative contracts and they have a common issue:  lack of communication. Stopping work briefly to ask questions of drawings and fabricating/installation instructions can easily prevent costly communication breakdowns on the job.

Some project managers may feel they know enough and may be embarrassed to ask too many questions, or they’re afraid to admit they don’t have all the answers. No single person has all the answers in original custom projects and that’s why we all need to work together. We should always feel free to stop and call the right expert for help whenever we need it. Communicating even the most granular details of a job from start to finish is never a waste of time and winging it is never a good option.

The teams at quality metal shops understand all of these business principles instinctively. Haste really does make waste.  So work with the best and you’ll be way ahead the rest!

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